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I like writing fiction. These female domination stories are my fantasies. They are based partly in truth, but mostly in imagination. Whatever you see here you should take with a grain of salt. The stories are presented soley for the purpose of adult entertainment and not as a recommendation for a life style or even a one-time shot. As usual, if you are going to try anything, make sure that it is safe and sane, and between consenting adults.

Female Domination These are stories featuring relationships between adults in which the female partner is dominant. Most of the stories are written by me, although there are some guest authors. My personal views on female domination are rather mild. You will not find much violence in my stories. I believe in "Femdom Lite - 1/3 Less Bondage - a kinder, gentler domination."
Spanking When it comes to spanking, I am most definately a switch. You'll find stories of both kinds, and one with just about any kind. About the only thing I don't write about here is M/M spankings.
Fetish I have a rubber fetish of an unusual sort. Instead of shiny, black latex suits, I have this thing for everyday rubber objects such as rubber balls and bathing caps.. My primary fetish object is the sole of a woman's sneaker, specifically: Keds. It's a nitch fetish, but there are people out there with it.
Young Femdom For reasons explained on this page, I have removed the Young Femdom stories from my site.
Other Stories I don't always write stories where the female is dominant. Sometimes I put the whip in the other hand.

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